Friday, October 1, 2010

My Gadget


A gadget is a small  technological object (such as a device or an appliance) that has a particular function, but is often thought of as anovelty. Gadgets are invariably considered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal technological objects at the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes also referred to as gizmos.

IPhone 3G.jpg

The iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphonesdesigned and marketed by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007.
An iPhone functions as a camera phone, including text messaging and visual voicemail, a portable media player, and an Internet client, with e-mailweb browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The user interface is built around the device's multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard rather than a physical one. Third-party applications are available from the App Store, which launched in mid-2008 and now has well over 200,000 "apps" approved by Apple. These apps have diverse functionalities, including gamesreferenceGPS navigationsocial networking, and advertising for television shows, films, and celebrities.
There are four generations of iPhone models, and they were accompanied by four major releases ofiOS (formerly iPhone OS). The original iPhone established design precedents like screen size and button placement that have persisted through all models. The iPhone 3G added 3G cellular network capabilities and A-GPS location. The iPhone 3GS added a compass, faster processor, and higher resolution camera, including video. The iPhone 4 has two cameras for FaceTime video calling and a higher-resolution display. It was released on June 24, 2010.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Hobby


The aquatic sport of swimming is based on the human act of swimming, that is, locomotion in water by self propulsion, with the goal of completing a given distance in the shortest amount of time. There are also swimming competitions for endurance or precedence rather than speed, such as crossing the (English Channel diving, synchronized swimming, and water polo) that involve swimming but the goal is neither speed nor endurance. or some other stretch of open water. Swimming is distinguished from other aquatic sports (such as
Competitive swimming consist of four strokes: butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle (or front crawl), and backstroke. When all four strokes are done during a race, it is called medley swimming (otherwise known as the individual medley, or I.M.).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


BMW E60 525i M Sport
BMW 525i Sport-1
The 5 Series got its name by being the fifth of the "new series" cars after the V-8 and Isetta era. The preceding models were the 700, the "New Class", the "New Six" 2500/2800/Bavaria and the CS. The 5 Series was intended to replace the older New Six sedans.

The body was styled by Marcello Gandini, based on the Bertone 1970 BMW Garmisch 2002ti Geneva show car. Gandini also did the Fiat 132and Alfa Romeo Alfetta, two other cars that have a similar design.
There have been five generations of the 5 Series to date. To differentiate between them, they are referred to by their unique chassis numbers (EXX).
The 5 Series began the BMW tradition of being named with a three-digit number. The first digit (5 in this case) represents the model, and the following two digits (usually) represent the size of the engine in decilitres, which is the main distinguishing difference. Additional letters or words may be added to the end of the three-digit number to define the fuel type (petrol or diesel), engine or transmission details, and the body style. The 'i' originally stood for (fuel) 'injection'.

Price: RM 370 000Reg. year: 2006
Mileage: 40 000 - 44 999Make: BMW
Model: 525iTransmission: Both
Engine Capacity: 2500 cc
Accessories: Solar Film, CD Player, Leather seats, Airbag driver, Airbag passenger, DVD Player, Navigation system, ABS Breaks, Sport rims, Alarm, Central lock, Adjustable steering  Model

Colour :Alpine White,
Interior :Black leather, Mesh aluminium trim 
Engine : 218 BHP Valvetronic Magnesium Alloy 
Gearbox : Automatic 6-Speed with Steptronic
Remarks :
Latest GPS system with Split Screen,
Bi-Xenon Light,
Keyless Entry & Push Start Button,
Head Up Display,
Electronic Bucket Seat with Memory,
M-Steering with multifunction,
Auto cruise control , 
Electric Sun Blind and Rear Window Blind, 
Park Distance Control(PDC),
18" M-Sport Rims with 
4 New Pcs Tyres(RUN FLAT TYRE)